Artist Statement

There is a power in the understanding that you will never be the same today as you were yesterday.  Due to its linear motion, time reminds us that we have the ability to constantly redefine ourselves. Through an investigation into memory I examine our captivity in a state of flux. Focusing on liminal space in an attempt to understand the effects of our momentum.  Using a variety of mediums I create pieces that display actions suspended, reversed, or sped up in time.  Examining how seconds can possess the ability to create such lasting impacts on our definitions of self.

 Reflecting on the foundations of my identity as a female I question standards within western belief systems regarding behavior and ideology. Investigating our environments role in the formation of self. This results in a body of work that displays dichotomies within form such as strength and fragility, aggression and vulnerability, and permanence and malleability. Highlighting conflicts within the selection of appropriately displayed behavior. Objects created can be interrupted in both offensive and defensive positions of action; symbolizing the females heightened awareness of the necessity for flexibility within their assigned gender role.

Frequently using intimate feminine objects such as bed sheets, underwear, and lace, I utilize symbolism within material to discuss moments that serve as the foundation for my identity as a survivor of sexual and domestic violence. Creating a language rooted in advocacy I seek to connect through a universal understanding of the unchangeable nature of time and action. Placing emphasis on the dichotomy between the permanence of the past and malleability of our future self.



M.F.A. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 2019  

B.F.A. University of Missouri St. Louis, Major in Painting 2015



2019 Innovations in Textiles, Regional Arts Commission, St. Louis, Missouri

Thesis Exhibition, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

2018 Resolve, Intersect Arts Center, St. Louis Missouri

You Become Responsible For What You Have Tamed, Flood Plain, St Louis Missouri

Free Association, Kranzberg Arts Center, St. Louis Missouri

   Here//Now, Intersect Arts Center, St. Louis Missouri

   Annual Juried Exhibition, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2017    Sculpture On Campus, juried by David Demming, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

   Annual Juried Exhibition, juried by Terry Suhre of Gallery 210, Southern Illinois University


2016    Graduate Work Pop-Up Show, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

2015    UMSL Graduates,Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

  Gallery Visio- Call For Art, University of Missouri St. Louis

  Senior Thesis Exhibition, University of Missouri-St. Louis

   Parental Advisory, Gallery 210 University of Missouri St. Louis

2014   Domesticated, Collaborative Art Show, St. Louis, Missouri